Case Studies

Case Studies

businesses who keep their eye on the bottom line

Success stories are not just case studies. These are stories of our cusomers who kept an eye on their bottom line.

Our satisfied clients give us job satisfaction, encourage us to do more everyday. These client stories tell us who we are, what we do, what we can do and how we can do better. Being a part of successful ventures, partnerships is what Accountant Anywhere people thrive upon.

We measure our success by the value we add to our clients, their business, to their bottomline, margins, profits and most important our relationship.

Here’s a select few examples of how we have helped and continue to help our clients and we hope we can do the same for your business.

Large CA / CPA Firm in Christchurch New Zealand

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A large CA/CPA firm in a solid growth mode from Christchurch New Zealand with 6000+ tax returns, needed a robust support staff to back the new growth in business. Senior management was unhappy with current staff and staffing issues, inefficiencies in processes and procedures. AA’s name came up as a referral, the trials did not … Continue reading Large CA / CPA Firm in Christchurch New Zealand

Property Management Company

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A high profile California based property management company with 500+ properties and 3 Million+ square feet commercial space under contract handling 10500+ tenants hired AA expertise to outsource their accounting operations. Due to a bad experience with a past provider, the company was hesitant at first to continue the outsourcing model, but after jus one … Continue reading Property Management Company

Transportation Company

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Our Client, a privately owned transportation company, with US$460 Million in annual revenues was facing challenges with staffing issues and time delays. AA worked closely in streamlining and automating accounting processes, and was able to deliver a significant 40% savings in operational costs.


In conjunction with Accountant Anywhere we implemented a complete invoice processing and reconciliation process which has now been in place for over two years. From the outset the process and mapping was incredibly well managed and professional, required improvements and process changes have been received in a positive and professional manner with what I will call a partnership view in mind rather than a customer supplier relationship.

With all charges that are processed by the team in India being customer facing it is critical that the attention to detail and accuracy is perfect, we have been very pleased with the results achieved and manage any exception via skype in a training type environment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Accountant Anywhere to any small to medium size business, they a both professional and cost effective.

CEO of a large corporate travel franchise.

New Zealand Corporate Client / / /


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