Outsourcing is something that I had known about for many years and held the view that we could always do the job better and at a lower price. The retirement of a staff member meant I had to employ another. I didn’t feel comfortable continuing with the status quo, then decided to explore a possible restructure and expansion of job roles and make greater use of internet technology and improve a level of service to our clients.

As part of our new structure we use Accountant Anywhere who provide an accountant in Pune, India to complete our accounting assignments. Initially staff were skeptical about the new structure and had concerns about their jobs. The weekly skype chats, the use of shared file platforms, and the high quality of the work has seen all the initial concerns disappear. Our staff have now taken on new roles at a higher level and this has allowed us to improve our client service.

We are still only 3 months into our new structure and it has highlighted areas for improvement, especially relating to the quality and amount of source information we receive from some of our clients. While we do spend a little more time in information transfer however we know we can reduce this by improving communication.

The immediate benefits we are receiving include a reduction in cost of processing, reduced cost of office space and computer resources, less partner review time, more time to provide value added services, overall improved client service, and happy staff.