Our growing list of satisfied clients is a result of our approach. We go beyond the typical customer vendor relationship and do every bit we can to exceed not only client expectations but our own too.

Accounting outsourcing is the creation of a business relationship where a business contracts with an outside organization to provide part or all of their back office accounting services. Outsourcing works because it allows the business to focus on its core competencies and primary mission, while the outsourcer focuses on making accounting and financials an enabler and an asset to the organization. Too often, outsourcing solutions are process-oriented, consisting primarily of day-to-day operational management. However, operational challenges such as runaway costs, staff instability, and ineffective utilization of hardware and software systems demand innovative problem resolution strategies tailored to an organization’s specific situation. Achieving desired results with high performance require seamless delivery capabilities that emphasize scale, standardization, discipline and measurability across geographically-dispersed client sites, delivery locations and teams.

Our innovative approach to outsourcing delivery that enables us to drive high performance and value for outsourcing clients.

AA provides a comprehensive, integrated set of accounting outsourcing and professional services. These services deliver value based on leading practice models established from years of implementing solutions for large healthcare organizations.

AA is committed to exceptional service delivery, total customer delight and the creation of quantifiable business impact in terms of return on investment. We enlist highly experienced accounting and financial management professionals to evaluate existing technology and human resources.

After a thorough analysis of the underlying causes of a client’s accounting challenges, AA defines strategies to resolve problems and achieve goals, and recommends the appropriate methods, tools and techniques necessary to ensure successful relationships and measurable results. We adapt solutions to clients’ needs and size, never using a “one size fits all” approach. Our team strategically unifies a suite of flexible and adaptable accounting services with a single point of accountability to ensure a long-term vision that addresses clients’ needs. Our outsourcing services are currently being provided from our BPO Service Centres. In situations where existing staff is affected by the decision to outsource, we will work with the client to determine the best approach.

Our accounting industry-experienced account teams have a long-term view on delivering client-specific solutions and creating client delight. AA leaders build a relationship with the client and serve as the single point of contact to diverse technical delivery groups, bringing services online as needed to create maximum value. The cornerstone of performance management is the establishment of a solid communications plan. Our plans consider how we communicate with all levels of management as well as specific user groups.

We incorporate better-than-industry standard service-level agreements into our contracts to properly align expectations on both sides and provide a tool for evaluation. Our SLAs are business-focused, measuring how systems and services impact the objectives of the business and its executive leaders

Backed by an ISO9001:2015certification, AA strives to exceed industry standards and has developed a successful methodology. We are currently implementing the AA service model for services to focus on standardizing the partnership between AA and its clients, and range from routine, non-critical tasks that are resource intensive and operational in nature to strategic processes directly impacting vendor or client revenues.

Offer service providers a standard to use when differentiating themselves from competitors

We believe effective relationship and performance management are critical to providing effective integrated Outsourcing and professional services solutions. Relationship management relies on integrating experienced accounting staff, a dedicated onsite team and an effective governance model to provide a total outsourcing solution. We structure our account team with our client’s goals, ensuring a focus not only on our service objectives, but a focus on the client’s ultimate success, reporting structure, including weekly and monthly reports on performance, metrics, and service levels, as well as monthly and quarterly executive sessions focusing on strategic objectives and progress.

Our approach and methodology serves three purposes:

  • Provide clients with an objective means of evaluating growth potential
  • Creating a partnership to improve capability across the board
  • We go beyond a client -vendor relationship, to achieve what we stand for “outsourcing at its best”.
  • Offer clients a standard to use when differentiating themselves from competitors