State of art infrastructure featuring:

  • State of Art facility with dedicated 75 work-stations.
  • Conference Rooms.
  • Video Conferencing facility.
  • PIV – Intel based machines networked on a 100 mbps LAN.
  • 24 hours power + 8 hours Battery back-up.
  • 3mbps leased line with equal redundancy.


AA places premium emphasis on security since we handle critical & confidential client data. AA’s security policy encompasses a high level of physical and network security at the workplace. All employees are trained to strictly adhere to the security policy, as a sine qua non for their employment at AA.


  • Firewalls and IDS monitored around the clock.
  • ISA Firewall with IP filtering restricts access to only work related sites.
  • Restricted access to servers and shared areas on servers to ensure only authorized personnel allowed access to the relevant data.
  • Restricted Internet Access and personal mailing and chat sites disabled.
  • Robust Antivirus software installed on all desktops and servers.
  • All servers and IT infrastructure is accessible only by authorized personnel. No direct access is allowed for any employee.
  • A proxy server monitoring data traffic.


AA takes highest precautions and measures to protect client data:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery measures in place in the event of disaster. Updated and upgraded at regular intervals.
  • Workstations with disabled Media such as floppy drives, USB drives, & printers.
  • Employees have their own user name and password updated every 45 days, usage monitored by senior staff.
  • All Client data and information is stored in encrypted folders.
  • Employee web access is restricted to ensure data security.
  • Phone calls are monitored by senior staff.


AA ensures a high level of Physical security at the premises with the following features:

  • Access control system and round the clock security in the work area.
  • Employee ID cards, which activate and monitor access to work areas.
  • Intrusion Alarms which are activated in the server rooms and key areas of the office, in the event of unauthorized access.
  • Environment control system to ensure correct temperature and humidity.
  • Fire and smoke alarms.


AA follows a stringent HR policy which features:

  • Reference checks at the time of recruitment, from past employers.
  • Educational qualifications verified directly with educational institutions.
  • Criminal background check from local police stations.
  • Non-disclosure Agreements signed before signing contract for employment.


AA follows a regular Semi-annual Audit Program, wherein the following are evaluated:

  • Policies and processes both for IS and the organization as a whole.
  • Local security.
  • Network security. Vulnerability assessment.