Accountant Anywhere offers comprehensive Cost Accounting Services including determination of cost of products, materials, services, activities, employees & utilities. Recording, preparation, verification, certification and/or presentation of costing facts or data, cost accounting & related statements, Cost control & value methods/analysis etc.

Our Cost Accounting services offer:

  • Project Cost Analysis & Review
  • Management Reporting Review of Cost Structure
  • Cost Investigation & Review
  • Determination of Cost of Production, Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Services, Activities, Employees & Utilities
  • Introduction of Activity Based Costing System
  • Cost Control & Value Methods Analysis
  • Certification of Costing Facts or Data
  • Costing MIS

Our Cost Accountants are highly experienced and certified and combining with our standardized processes we deliver accounting services with high degree of accuracy and consistency. To stay up-to-date with laws, tax codes and new technologies, we provide regular training to all accounting professionals.

  • Data Organisation and analysis
  • Preparation of Cost reports and Variance analysis