Accountant Anywheres General Accounting (GA) services offer Record to Report (R2R) processes into standardized, efficient workflows. For more than 20 years, AA’s GA solutions have provided actionable, real-time accounting insights to businesses across diverse verticals. Our services combine proven processes, analytics, and technology with advanced operating models. AA’s GA team leverages broad statutory expertise (U.S., UK GAAP, IFRS, etc.) to handle multiple books of account.

Our Accountants are highly experienced and certified and combining with our standardized processes we deliver accounting services with high degree of accuracy and consistency. To stay up-to-date with laws, tax codes and new technologies, we provide regular training to all accounting professionals.

  • Annual/periodic compilation of financial statements using Quickbooks, Peachtree, Intacct , Easyacct, SAGE, MYOB, Xero, IFirm Acclipse, NetSuite or ERP etc.
  • Payroll input & processing.
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • A/R, A/P input and reconciliation.
  • Lock Box: Processing of checks received.
  • Analytical work in spreadsheet and charting
  • Conversion Projects: Work relating to transition to new accounting software